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Jorn Neumann win Reedy Race Champions Offroad.

Reedy Race Champions Offroad popular top drivers invited from around the world participate in the race.
A great racing Invitational class Muchmore Racing driver Jorn Neumann have win this race.
World Champion Ryan Cavalieri 2nd in the battle between just 1 point. 3rd place Ryan Maifield. Jorn Neumann said after race.
Jorn Neumann :
Yes, I was able to win the Reedy Race of Champions.
It came down to the last race of the weekend where three drivers had the shot to win.
I had a great battle with Ryan Maifield over 4 minutes until I got into the lead and won the last race and the entire event.
                                                                      Atsushi Hara’s Pit table
special thanks to and RC Requena EL Romeral( pictures.
Race result :
1st – Jorn Neumann
2nd – Ryan Cavalieri
3rd – Ryan Maifield
4th – Atsushi Hara
5th – Jared Tebo
6th – Kody Numedahl
7th – Dustin Evans
8th – Steven Hartson
9th – Dakotah Phend
10th – Shaun Dunlap
11th – Lee Martin
12th – Ty Tessmann

13th – Mike Truhe
14th – Paul Bradby
15th – Rick Hohwart
16th – Billy Fischer
17th – Joel Eaton
18th – Matt Chambers
19th – Tyler Vik
20th – Travis Amezcua
21th – Neil Cragg
22th – Tanner Denney
23th – Hayato Matsuzaki
24th – Hupo Honigl
25th – Carson Wernimont
26th – Brian Kinwald
27th – Peter Pinisch
28th – Matt Castellano
29th – Curtis Door
30th – Antoine Rossetti

Total 96
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