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Marc Rheinard TQ & Wins ETS round 4
Marc Rheinard TQ & Wins ETS round 4 with Muchmore Racing FLETA Powers.

Ride Modified A-Main Overall Result
1. Marc Rheinard (DE) Muchmore Racing
2. Viktor Wilck (SE)
3. Ronald Volker (DE)

4. Yannic Prumper (DE) Muchmore Racing
5. Marc Fischer (DE)
6. Andy Moore (GB) Muchmore Racing
7. Christopher Krapp (DE) Muchmore Racing
8. Eric Dankel (DE)
9. Loic Jasmin (FR)
10.Thomas Pumpler (DE)

Muchmore Racing Factory Driver Marc Rheinard. TQ & Wins.
Marc use Muchmore Racing FLETA ZX 4.5T Motor and next generation New Prototype FLETA Pro .

Also New Prototype Cell Master Double Accel Charger.(Tow port, Etch channel 10amp charging. World best Super compact size and High-efficiency Technology. )

Total 101
no subject
11 2013 Korea National EP Off-Road Championship
Minsu si get to the Double TQ & Wins!!!
10 Marc Rheinard TQ & Wins ETS round 5
Used to Muchmore Racing FLETA Powers.
9 Marc Rheinard TQ & Wins ETS round 4
Used to Muchmore Racing FLETA Powers.
8 2013 TITC Naoto Matsukura A-Main 3rd (Used to FLETA ZX, FLET…
World champion Naoto Matsukura. Use Muchmore Racing New power weapon FLETA ESC and FELETA ZX Motor 4.5T.
7 ROAR 1/8 Electric Nationals
Ty competed at the ROAR Super nationals August 11-18th at West Coast RC Raceway in La Mirada, California.
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5 Medicine Hat Shootout 2012
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He tq'd all 4 rounds of Nitro Buggy Pro, and 4WD Short Course, and tq'd 3 rounds of Nitro Truck Pro opting to sit out th…
3 Euro Offroad series in Belgium
Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann Muchmore Racing drivers and 2WD, 4WD both class getting TQ & Win. Jörn Neumann 4WD class …
2 ETS RD.3 Race report
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1 Jorn Neumann win Reedy Race Champions Offroad.
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