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How to work Program setup menu
1. RUNNING MODE : You can choice 1. Forward/Brake and 2. Forward/Brake/Reverse
                                  ※ Some firmware will be not support " Reverse "
2. VOLT CUTOFF (Battery protection) : FLETA4 supports Li-Po, Li-Fe Battery protection.
                                                           If you drive car for a long time, must setup to the volt cutoff voltage.
3. THROTTLE PUNCH :  You can set to the throttle punch.
                                        Setup low level is smooth drive feeling and going up to the high level is throttle aggressive feeling.
                                        ※ Every firmware is actually different level.
4. BRAKE STRENGTH : Going up makes stronger brake strength, going down makes weaker.
                                       You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value.
5. INITIAL BRAKE : Setup Inital brake. Up to this value change entry brake power.
                                 You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value and also set to  " =drag brake "
6. DRAG BRAKE : Setup neutral brake. Up to the value is neutral brake more stronger.
                              You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value.
7. HEAT PROTECTIONThis menu is heat protection for ESC, enables default setup.
                                         You can also off protection function. Remember, ESC cannot be protected.  
                                         ※If you off to the heat protection, ESC will be damaged.
8. NEUTRAL RANGE : Setup to Neutral sensitivity.
                                    Default is 6% set to the under the 6% is more sensitive, or more higher is obtuse.
9. BOOST TIMING  : Boost Timing is giving timing for motor.
                                  You can adjust to 40% ~ 100% timing value.
                                  ※ Every firmware is actually different value level.
10. TURBO TIMING : Turbo Timing is giving timing only for full throttle.
                                   You can adjust to 115K ~ 150K timing value.
                                   ※ Every firmware is actually different value level.
11. TURBO SLOPE : Setup to Turbo Timing up and control trimming speed. 
                                 First, setup to Turbo Timing and you can control turbo timing speed menu.
                                 You can adjust to 3º/0.1sec ~ Instant value.
                                  Ex) 3º/0.1sec = Smooth up to the turbo timing.
                                        Instant = aggressive up to the turbo timing.
12. BOOST (START) RPM : Setup to Boost Start RPM. You can control to Boost Timing intervention.
                                             You can adjust 3000 RPM ~ 10000 RPM value.
                                              Ex) 3000RPM = starting boost timing fastest.
                                                   10000RPM = starting boost timing slower.
13. TURBO DELAY : Control to Turbo timing starting intervention.
                                                 You can adjust OFF ~ 0.8 second.
TEMPERATURE : FLETA 4 current temperature.
VOLTAGE : Current your battery voltage.
SOFTWARE : Current your firmware in your FLETA 4.
LCD PROGRAM CARD SOFTWARE V 1.X : Program card current version.