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FLETA USB Link V3.1 Pc Program
FLETA SHR Program Card
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New SHR Firmware , FLETA SHR V2.90
In the case of the previous SHR Version, different versions were provided 
depending on the series model firmware.

This is an inconvenient one type firmware used.If you are using multiple models, 
you must change the SHR firmware for the ESC to use it.

We provide SHR Firmware V2.90 which corresponds to the firmware of various
 Muchmore Racing ESC's.With this, the FLETA Program card 
has been updated to a new version.
This firmware is compatible with the latest version of all models of the
 V2 series currently released.

USB Link V3.1 is required to update to SHR V2.90.
For V3.1 firmware, visit
After installing the attached file of Support -> FLETA USB Link V3.1 Pc Program post

It can be used.


FLETA_ESC_Firmware_Chart_SHR2.9_PC 3.1_220712.png