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FLETA USB Link V3.0 Pc Program (New Version Expert V1.6R)
ME-FLP2K FLETA PRO V2 Brushless ESC Black
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1. Brake frequency changing by 0.2Hz is a more accurate adjustment.
2. New Brake Type menu.
**We made a new menu here, You can choose Linear and Dynamic.
Linear : Linear brake 
Dynamic : It made the initial brake more stronger than "Linear" mode, It recommended 
Zero timing blinky class or boost stock class.

3.. Power level renewal 0 ~ 30 levels.
**New more detail step Power level.
So we fully re - adjustment levels. I recommend 20 ~ 25 level for Modify drivers.
Even tried 30 level for modify 4.5Turn motor, still easier than before firmware version.

4..New "Boost Timing ACC" menu.
** If you choose "Boost Timing Act" AUTO, you can adjust Boost acceleration speed 0 ~ 6 levels.
If  "Boost Timing Act" you select "RPM" mode, this menu does not work.

5.Turbo On Slope more than fine adjustment is possible.
** You can set it to turbo on slope 1 deg levels.
We include a basic setup sheet for Modify, Please check your starting setup.