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●  MR-V3ZX175ERTM    FLETA ZX V3 17.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/19XTM 
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MuchMore Racing research and development team made it successful
A whole new motor that ensures maximum output and efficiency.

The newly designed FLETA ZX V3 motor's Flow-Max 3 cooling system ensures extreme cooling performance.
This is a great achievement in terms of keeping motor performance as high as possible.

 FLOW-MAX3™ Air hole has been designed  with a series of long tests. 
the air hole makes motors run with best condition with maximum cooling 

DSC03420 copy.jpgDSC03465 copy.jpg

The new stator is designed so that it cansustain even at extremely high Temperatures. 
Thereford, it helps motor last longer  
Special shell design to expose the stator core
The air is cooled to maximum and the holes in the front and rear end plates are
Excellent heat dissipation of the motor is ensured.


 Aluminum Material Sensor Cable connector protector & Dual sensor position

reduces damage of connector.
You can connect the sensor cable to a desired 
position by applying dual sensor position.
Advance timing from 0 – 50 degree’s
 Grade 5 ball bearings
Newly designed Gold plated soldering tabs
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