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●  MLSG-STHV5750    IMPACT [Silicon Graphene] Shorty FD4 Li-Po Battery 5750mAh/7.6V 140C Flat Hard Case 
- Product Detail View -

New IMPACT Silicon Graphene Li-Po Shorty Battery release.

" Maximum Constant High Voltage Discharge Version "


IMPACT Shorty Li-Po provide 5750mAh high capacity and strong 140C rate.
Provide maximum power and increase run time.

- Provides the excellence of the quality -
- Suitable for 1/10 EP Touring, 1/10 Buggy, 1/10 F1 and other classes -
- Hard case increases safety of the battery -

- Specifications -
C-rate 140C Voltage Input 7.6V
Capacity 5750mAh Dimensions (LxWxH) 96.5 x 47.0 x 25.0mm
Weight 221.0g 5mm Connector Type 5mm
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