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●  126001403    Techra Xray T4 Split/One Piece 2 in 1 Sus Mount 
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The Techra Xray T4 Interchangeable Split/One Piece Suspension Mount System.
It uses original Xray inserts and now you can change the car setup from split mount to one piece aluminium or with additional weights on the suspension mount in just seconds.
The aluminium suspension mounts are made from Techra 7075-T6 with our unique 2-tone orange/black anodising.
It comes with 2 x split mounts, 1 x One Piece Aluminium Bridge (2.6gm), 1 x One Piece Brass Bridge (8.1gm), 4 x 1mm Aluminium Shims and screws.
Total 4 pcs in a package. Split Mount x 2pcs, One piece Alu Mount x 1, One piece brass Mount x 1
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