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●  MM-CTXDAK    Cell Master Double Accel Black  
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Cell Master Double Accel Charger By Muchmore Racing Co., Ltd.

Cell Master Double Accel is the world's smallest 2-port charger/discharger. 
All the features tested and completed by our Team of R&D, Factory team drivers and ISTC World Champion Marc Rheinard.  
Cell Master Double Accel is designed for expert R/C car drivers it gives a great race time.

● Dual 200-watt(100+100) charging circuits
2-port 200 watts (100W +100 W) charging circuit.
Cell Master Double Accel ground breaking charger features 200 watts of power via dual 100+100watt circuits allowing for
simultaneous charging of two batteries up to each 10 amps.

● Ready to Race charging
Includes high precision Special 2P Balance Charging Lead, can charge directly without conversion connector. 

● High-efficiency charging current reduction technology system
Muchmore Racing R&D Team developed high-efficiency currents boost system. 
For example, when LiPo 2S 10A charge batteries, currents is only required 8A. Do not need a high-capacity power supply. 

Cell Master Double Accel Charger By Muchmore Racing Co., Ltd.

● Super compact dual-port charger 
Muchmore Racing R&D team has succeeded to make the world best compact dual-port charger.
It is the fine compact charger with high-tech designed balancing circuit, constructed dual charging system.
Very stmall size, light weight make easy to move on your pit table, can take full advantage of the space.

● Special black back light LCD display
All this technology is accessible through an easy-to-read Special black back light LCD display.

Cell Master Double Accel Charger By Muchmore Racing Co., Ltd.

● High sensitivity touch button system 
Adopting a very high sensitivity touch button for each menu, you can run briefly.
Also prevent the penetration of foreign substances.
This system ensures the stable operation of the button on dusty environments such as off-road stadium.   

● Quick Easy UI, Fast response
Designed UI to use easily is based plenty race experience.
Fast response time will help you to conveniently charge.

● Each channel status LED indicator
Easier to check charging status; charging, discharging, stand-by, complete, at a glance by Dual blue state indicator LED.

● Intuitive channel button and channel status indicator 
Under any circumstances, you may want to move the channel to the one-touch.

● Voltage meter
Individual cell and total pack volt shows at a glance.
You can check the voltage of the battery before a race. 

● Internal resistance view of Lithium battery packs
Adopting a new internal resistance, test each cell individually and provides Individual cell and total pack resistance values 
so you can check the condition of your Lithium battery packs.

● Built-in TAMIYA Lithium battery balancing port
The world Tamiya R/C race certified Lithium battery can be charged immediately without conversion connector.

Cell Master Double Accel Charger By Muchmore Racing Co., Ltd.

● USB Firmware upgrade system
Muchmore Racing CTX Link™ software you can easily upgrade to the latest firmware. 
The new firmware for the future simply by updating, you can use the latest features without discomfort.

● Safety circuit board and software design
When charging NiCd or NiMh, you can set the upper limit of charge current to avoid damage or explosion from high current feeding.
If you set the limit of battery temperature the process will be expired forcibly when the limit has reached.
Prevent reverse connection of the battery to prevent damage to the equipment and a built-in safety circuit.
When you do short-circuits between the output charge lead , LCD screen will let you know.
(Optional part : MR-DATC Cell master double accel temp sensor) 

● Temperature controlled cooling fans
Use Low-noise/high-performance dual cooling fan.
Temperature controlled system make the effectual cooling condition.


- Includes Connectors -



- Specifications -
Dimensions 5.1 x 4.5 x 1.9 in (129 x 115 x 49 mm) Weight 18.3oz (520g)
Input DC 11.0~15.0V Circuit Power 100W Max charge x 2, 10W Max discharge x 2
Charge Current 0.1~10.0A x 2 NiCd/NiMh Cell Count 1~17 Cell
LiPo/LiFe 1~6 Series Current Drain of Balancing LiPo 200mAh/Cell
Pb Battery Voltage 6~24V Discharge Rate 0.1~2.0A x 2
Power Requirement 10~15V DC Power Supply (200 Watt minimum, 250 Watt suggested) Keys 6 button / High sensitivity electronic touch button
Cooling IC controlled dual fans LCD monitor 16 x 2 lines Black backlight LCD display
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